F-Troupe Ritual Club

Welcome to the home of Southwest Missouri's Masonic Degree team, the F Troupe. 

We are constantly working towards perfecting the three blue lodge masonic degrees. To promote the quality of degree work across our region, the degree team takes requests from lodges within its bounds (Region F in southwest Missouri) to perform degree work. 

Request a full degree team

If you are interested in the F Troupe performing a degree for your lodge, head on over to our request form to sign up! ... Request HERE. Please allow at least 30 days prior to your degree for this request.

Need a little help?

If you are short a person or two for your upcoming degree we can help there too! Simply click HERE and fill out our form to request a little bit of help with your degree. We like to make lodge calls! Once submitted we will get back with you if we can help.

You think you have what it takes?

Are you interested in joining our degree team? To get more information and request to join, hop on over to our form and let us know of your interest. Click HERE